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5 reasons to buy a student-friendly vacuum cleaner

Being a student is an exciting time. Wild parties, socialising and a few lectures here and there too are all part of the student experience.

Student homes are often hard to stay on top of though with such a busy schedule. 

There’s also a host of factors to consider from a financial point of view as a student and you will likely want to save cash wherever you can.

So if you’re in need of a new vacuum cleaner or a microwave for those late night ready meals then look no further than the excellent range we have at Vytronix.


Money saving

Living as a student for most people means that money can be somewhat tight. Realistically, you’re likely looking for any savings possible.

Whether that means budget food shopping, looking for bargains online or taking your washing back to mum and dad’s, no student wants to overspend on anything.

The great thing about Vytronix’s range of vacuum cleaners is that they combine quality with affordability.


Super convenient

After you’ve thrown that house party or gathering, you want to get things cleaned up as quickly as possible. The aftermath of such an event is never a pretty sight.

A Vytronix vacuum cleaner can provide you with the ability to get rooms quickly back in order. They’re easy to use no matter how hungover you are.

And we can deliver your vacuum cleaner to your door too.


Grow up quick

You could say that university is that transitional period between your teenage years and adulthood. Some probably make that transition quicker than others, but if ever there was a time to adapt to the real world it is university!

So as a student, in case you’d not realised this yet, you have to look after yourself. And your home. And loads of other things too.

Practice being an actual adult with a vacuum cleaner. Adults have them. They get houses clean. They’re great.


Avoid that pigsty-feel when the parents visit

Picture the scene. You wake up and check your phone to be greeted with a message from your parents saying they are making an impromptu visit. This is when you don’t want to be caught without a vacuum cleaner to help get your student house into a semi-respectable state at least.

The pigsty look is all well and good when your mates come round, but the parents aren’t going to be too impressed. Avoid that awkward feeling with a Vytronix vacuum cleaner.


Different vacuums for different needs 

Every student house is different, and we have a variety of vacuum cleaner options to meet your specific needs.

Whether you want a handheld vacuum cleaner for super convenience, a stick vacuum cleaner for great manoeuvrability or a cylinder vacuum cleaner to get the job done thoroughly, Vytronix’s range of cheap vacuum cleaners is the place to shop.

As well as our vacuum cleaner range, we have a host of carpet cleaners and steam cleaners too. There’s also home and kitchen items available from Vytronix.


Be sure to get in touch with us if you have any questions.