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5 Ways to Get Motivated to Clean your Home

Sometimes we can find it hard to get going. It’s a natural part of life. When you are comfortable or tired, finding the motivation to get up and do something can feel a very long way away.

When it comes to things that may not be your favourite activity in the world, such as cleaning your home, that motivation can really be lacking.

But there are plenty of reasons to jump up off the sofa and get your house clean and tidy. So if you are wondering how to get motivated to clean your home, Vytronix has put together a blog to give you some cause for activity. Take a look!

Mental benefits

A person moving blankets in their home

There are various things that can support being in a positive mental state, and having a clean home can certainly be advantageous in this regard.


One of the key reasons for this is because cleaning our home gives us a deeper feeling of being in control of our environment. In a busy and hectic world, having a haven that you feel comfortable in and proud of can give you a feel of ease. This can support stress reduction and potentially alleviate other unwanted feelings of tension or anxiety.

Additionally, cleaning in a mindful way, where attention and thought is devoted to the task at hand, has been found to help reduce nervousness .

Health benefits

For any allergy sufferers, the home can be littered with allergens that can trigger problems and leave you feeling worse for wear. This is particularly relevant at this time of year, when hayfever and summer allergies can wreak havoc.

With a powerful vacuum cleaner to hand however, allergen removal can be carried out and homes made that much more pleasant to spend time in.

Particularly effective here are vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, which are really good at isolating and removing the problematic particles.

Physical benefits

A woman changing bedsheets in her home

Cleaning the home can certainly be a good workout. So if you need some motivation, then think of home cleaning not so much as a chore, but as an opportunity to burn a few calories.

There are plenty of exercises and stretches required to get beneath and above furniture in your home. And the faster you do your cleaning, the more of a sweat you will work up.

So if you are on a diet or simply looking to stay as fit as you can, turning your cleaning tasks into a workout exercise can provide ample cleaning motivation and let you easily reap the benefits.

Get some listening material time

A pair of black headphones on a white background

If motivation to clean the house is hard to come by, then enjoy something else alongside it. Podcasts, radio shows and music can keep your mind occupied and interested while your body is getting on the with cleaning task.

If you find some listening material that you really enjoy, then this can quickly become a habit and really alter your thinking process around home cleaning.

Your cleaning no longer becomes an unpleasant thing you have to do, but an opportunity to listen to something you like. And at the end of it, you have a clean home!

If not now, when?

The brutal reality with things like home cleaning is that if you avoid them, they only get worse and the undertaking becomes all the greater.

This means that even if you are lacking the drive to clean your home at present, it will need doing at some point.

There’s no secret answer to how to get motivated to clean, but fear can be a powerful reason people do things. So you need to weigh up whether your lack of motivation outweighs your fear of your home reaching such a state that cleaning it becomes an absolute fiasco.

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Hopefully this blog has provided plenty of reasons to crack on with your home cleaning - many of which could benefit you directly.


So get your cleaning mojo back and sort your home out! And if you need a helping hand, Vytronix’s product range can be of use.

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