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A new Carpet Cleaner available from Vytronix

We wanted to start this blog by simply saying Happy New Year to all our customers new and old!

2020 was a hell of a ride, and we are all hoping that 2021 is a smoother and easier 12 months than the 12 the preceded them.

In order to start our own year off in a positive way, we have added a new product to our range that we think will be a real treat for our customers.

So without further ado, let us introduce you to the latest addition to the Vytronix family...

Vytronix P800CW Upright Carpet Washer

We are delighted to introduce the Vytronix P800CW Upright Carpet Washer, the perfect addition to your collection of home cleaning appliances.

Powerful, lightweight and easy-to-use, this carpet washer gets right to the heart of your carpets and helps extract and remove dirt and debris with ease.

This is a great buy for anybody who has struggled to stay on top of keeping their carpets clean in years gone by, and is looking to make a fresh start on this front in 2021.

How does it work?

A view of the brush of the Vytronix P800CW Upright Carpet Washer

The Vytronix P800CW Upright Carpet Washer has a powerful 800W motor that helps eradicate the unpleasant elements that can find their way into the carpets of busy homes.

The design includes a static brush bar with five rows of deep penetrating bristles. This means that regardless of whether you are looking to spruce up a rug or wanting to get rid of the build-up of grime that can occur in a high-traffic part of your home, this item can do the job.

The cleaner also features a 3-litre water tank, which is an ample amount to get your cleaning tasks done and complete without having to stop and refill.

This item is the perfect tool for a busy home where stains and grime may be commonplace. It is also a great purchase for anybody suffering with dust-related allergies, as the triggers of these can often lie in the deepest recesses of the surfaces of our home. The product also comes with 6m power cord, making it easier to cover every inch of your home.

This really is a quality addition to any home, combining effectiveness with ease and helping you to maintain a spritely and positive domestic space.

Shop for Carpet Cleaners at Vytronix

The Vytronix Carpet Cleaner Washer Upright Shampooer

The new Vytronix P800CW Upright Carpet Washer is a great buy for any conscientious homeowner, and is available for £99.99 from Vytronix today, down from a RRP of £149.99.

We also have other carpet cleaners available, with plenty of other affordable items from our range.

You can also pick up traditional vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners from Vytronix at excellent low prices.

Be sure to take a look at our delivery options, and if you have questions, simply get in touch with the Vytronix team.

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