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Add a Tower Fan to your Home Office this Summer

Many of us have had to become accustomed to working from home over the course of the past year or so.

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting Britain in earnest back in March 2020, last summer saw us make adjustments to the way we live and work in quite a radical way.

When hot days came last summer, we might have been caught short when working from home. Plenty of us were not set up to have a real home office space, and ad-hoc arrangements had to be made. This meant that when the days got really warm, many people would not have had suitable ways of cooling down in order to stay fresh and productive.

This summer however, if you are still working from home, then there really are no excuses. Don’t overlook the benefits of adding a quality home office to your workspace and feeling cool and calm all summer long.

At Vytronix, we have an excellent product that can really help in this area. Our tower fan is a gamechanger when it comes to staying cool in the office.

Why buy a tower fan?

A tower fan is designed to easily spread cool air throughout an indoor space. Their design sees cool air pushed out with minimal fuss and maximal efficiency.

Tower fans are also generally quieter than pedestal fans, meaning they prove to be a less disruptive presence and seamlessly fit into your home office space. They should not disrupt any calls you have, and will not provide an annoying background drone that could upset your working day.

Tower fans are also more stylish from a design perspective. With a sleeker set up and less intrusive way of doing things, it’s easy to seamlessly bring a tower fan into your home office without disrupting the overall style. This also makes tower fans excellent for smaller home office spaces.

And tower fans are generally more stable than pedestal fans. This means that if you have kids that sometimes find their way into your home office area, there is less chance of a nasty accident thanks to the design of the tower fan.

The Powerful Vytronix VY-BTF01 Tower Fan

A close up of the top of the Vytronix VY-BTF01 Tower Fan

Vytronix has a superb tower fan available to buy at an excellent low price point which can really make a difference to your working day in your home office.

The Vytronix VY-BTF01 Tower Fan is freestanding, sleek and ideal for turning stuffy home offices into cool, relaxing, productive work areas.

This cooling tower fan is 78cm tall but only 21cm wide at the base. This means that maximal output is generated as part of the design.

This is also an oscillating tower fan, so there is an even greater ability to spread cool air throughout your office space. There are additionally 3 speed settings, giving you flexibility when it comes to the output of your fan and the specific requirements of the day and space in question.

This tower fan also weighs just 2.5kg so is easy to move around, and comes with a 1.36m power cord.

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If you are looking for one of the best tower fans in the UK market at a super low cost, then look no further than the Vytronix VY-BTF01 Tower Fan.

This product forms part of our wider home and kitchen range, where you can also pick up other excellent items for your home office. These include air purifiers and microwave ovens.

Be sure to take a look through the full Vytronix collection and find items that can really be of use in your home.

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