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Bagged vacuum cleaners vs Bagless vacuum cleaners

Every day of our lives, we have decisions to make. These vary in importance and magnitude, but can shape your life in a number of ways.

The decision of what new vacuum cleaner to buy is not one you will make every day. But it is important, as your ability to keep your home clean and tidy will naturally be impacted by the option you pick. 

This latest Vytronix blog is all about this decision. It is all about providing you with the right information to then make a logical, informed decision based on your own specific needs and preferences. 

This blog will focus on bagged vacuum cleaners versus bagless vacuum cleaners. Both have their merits and both have their drawbacks. 

We will pick apart what these are for each type of vacuum, and hopefully help you feel in a better place to decide the kind of vacuum cleaner you choose for your own home.

Bagged vacuum cleaners - the pros and cons

A compact cyclonic bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner from Vytronix 

Bagged vacuum cleaners come with a durable bag to keep all the dust, debris and detritus that you pick up while doing your cleaning chores. 

These dust bags fit snugly into the main body of your vacuum cleaner and are the stomach of your machine, keeping everything nicely tucked up and away until it is time to empty. 

Some of the benefits of bagged vacuum cleaners are that thanks to the disposable bags they have, they are generally a bit cleaner when it comes to emptying. The technology around this has also improved dramatically over recent years, meaning to replace the bags is even smoother than it has been in the past.

If you are unfortunate enough to be an allergy sufferer, then bagged vacuum cleaners can be better for you given their higher levels of containment and strong filtering. That means that the dust and particles that can exacerbate your allergies are less likely to get into the air and cause those pesky problems. 

The thing that will cause allergies and just a big headache generally is the dreaded accidental dust drop. We all have clumsy moments, but if this strikes when you are emptying your vacuum cleaner, you are better off it being bagged than bagless. A dropped bag is likely to contain more of that dirt and debris, making for less of a problem.

In terms of the drawbacks of a bagged vacuum cleaner, the changing of bags can be a bit of a fiddly process. It is by no means impossible of course, but be ready to get used to this task if bagged is the way you go.

Bagged vacuum cleaners also unsurprisingly need bags, and over time these will need to be bought. Buying vacuum cleaner bags isn’t usually too expensive to do, but it is obviously something you will need to be mindful of. 

Bagged vacuum cleaners also offer less suction the fuller the vacuum bag is. This affects performance and deep cleaning capabilities. 

Additionally, environmental consciousness and awareness are more important than ever before. The bags that are used in bagged vacuum cleaners are not always environmentally-friendly, although it is possible to buy more environmentally-friendly and eco-friendly products today. 

Bagless vacuum cleaners - the pros and cons


A corded 2 in 1 bagless upright handheld stick vacuum cleaner from Vytronix


Bagless vacuum cleaners are a naturally more environmentally-friendly option, as by design they avoid the bags that can have a negative impact on the planet.

Bagless also means the fiddly maintenance elements that bagged vacuum cleaners bring can be avoided, while there is obviously no need to keep buying new bags. 

Bagless models are also a more versatile option in many ways, and allow for excellent cleaning capabilities and for every nook and cranny to be reached with ease.

The containers within the vacuum cleaner in which all the dust and dirt is collected can be quite messy to empty out however, and there’s room for error here. If you pick a bagless vacuum cleaner, be sure to be careful whenever the bag is full and it’s time to empty it out. 

Making your decision

Ultimately, whether you opt for a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner, they both have pros and cons that mean a carefully considered decision is in your interest. 

One of the big factors that will impact any decision is cost. When browsing the general market, you are always going to come across items of varying prices. 

The truth is that both bagged and bagless models will be available at a variety of price points, and at Vytronix there really is little difference between the two types.

We have a strong selection of both bagged vacuum cleaners and bagless varieties that are of a high quality and an affordable price. You can find affordable vacuum cleaners to meet your needs with ease.

Our ranges include cylinder vacuum cleaners, stick vacuum cleaners and handheld versions to meet your requirements.

There are also pet vacuums that can pick up pet hair with no issue, as well as a host of product spares in case you need them. 

We offer a 12-month warranty across our vacuum cleaner range to give you added peace of mind. Take a look too through our delivery and payments information.

And if you have any questions or require any extra information, get in touch with the Vytronix team. 

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