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Cleaning hacks for the home

One of the main challenges of domestic living is staying on top of the cleanliness of your home. It really is amazing how much dirt, dust and debris can build up in the standard home, and it really can beggar belief. 

You can consider yourself a clean and tidy person generally, but the chances are that you have discovered a dusty corner or two in your home from time to time much to your dismay.

What’s more, sometimes mess can be made completely by accident. Dropping food or drink, spilling things like drinks, or water splashback in the kitchen can all lead to unwanted mess in the modern home.

And this is all without bringing children into the equation. Any parents reading this will be well aware of the chaos and carnage children can bring to the home and cleaning up after them can prove a very challenging thing at the best of times.

How do you approach cleaning the modern home? Well, it’s all about having the right tools to hand. We know a thing or two about having such tools to hand, but we also know that sometimes having some cheeky hacks in mind can also be really useful. 

Take a look through our latest blog for some inspired tips and tricks that can really help you to stay on top of your home.

How do people keep their house clean?

One of the most important elements of keeping a clean house is having a structured approach. It’s no good being blasé or relaxed about domestic cleanliness if you really want that spotless interior situation - you have to work at it!

The obvious thing to say about keeping your house clean is having items like cordless vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners available. Cordless vacuum cleaners can really make a difference when it comes to staying on top of dirt and dust build up and allow you to remain mobile while cleaning, while steam cleaners allow you to get a truly deep clean completed on both carpeted and smooth surfaces. 

One thing that can take this to new levels is to not rush it. Quick vacuum sessions are all well and good, but can ultimately end up with you missing certain areas or bits of dirt. Taking the time to cover areas of carpet and floor thoroughly will allow you to pick up dirt more effectively. You can also cover rooms in all directions - north to south then east to west. We don’t expect you to get your compass out - what we mean is vacuum in one direction of the room and then the other. This allows you to get a deeper clean and take your cleaning efforts further. 

But sometimes there are little tricks that can be adopted around the home for some of those little irritating things that happen in the home.

One such thing is any tiling in your home can fade and lose its impressive initial look over time. All you need is water, light detergent and a rag and you can easily revitalise your tiled floor with some solid scrubbing.

Making the most of your appliances

You might look at your vacuum cleaner and think that it is only good for cleaning floors, but regular vacuuming does more than simply make your floor areas look that bit better.

Regular vacuuming can help remove dust particles that cause allergies among you and your family, as well as keep areas like carpets, sofas and cushions that bit fresher.

You can also get rid of mites and bugs that can be living in the corners of your home and stop too many creepy crawlies sharing your home.

One real and little-known benefit is that regular vacuuming could actually help prevent house fires, as there are fewer items lying about that could aid the creation of a fire.

The brilliance of Baking Soda

Baking soda can be something of a mystery item. We’ve all heard that it has a multitude of purposes, but if you have never used it, it can be a bit beguiling as to what it is capable of.

When it comes to cleaning your home, the good news is baking soda is capable of doing all kinds of cleaning hacks you might not know about. 

Baking soda is really good at breaking up stains and removing unwanted scents in the home. This makes it a really useful thing for areas like sofas and cushions. 

You can also use a mix of baking soda and vegetable oil to help get your cabinets and cupboards nice and clean. 

Having baking soda to hand is a really useful thing when keeping the home, and there’s loads of handy cleaning hacks using baking soda that can help you to make your home that bit nicer.

Find your perfect cleaning arsenal today

When it comes to staying on top of the cleanliness of your home, having the right tools to hand will make a big difference. 

Be sure to take a look through the full range of cleaning tools we have available at Vytronix. There’s a host of excellent vacuum cleaner, steam cleaners, carpet cleaners and products for home and kitchen that can be hugely useful for you in your home.

We hope this blog has proven useful and inspired a purchase or two! Be sure to take a look at our delivery offering, and get in touch if you have any questions about our range. 

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