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Cordless Vacuum Cleaners vs Corded Vacuum Cleaners

So you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner. Well firstly, you are in the right place. Vytronix has a host of vacuum cleaner options from which to choose, and there are new options aplenty.

But you might well have already known that. You know that Vytronix could have the perfect product for you. What you don’t know is whether that perfect product should have a cord or not.

There are a few differentiating factors, some pros and some cons, to having a corded vacuum cleaner and to having a cordless vacuum cleaner. In the latest vacuums cleaner, we pick apart what these are, and which option best suits you.

Why choose a cordless vacuum cleaner?

With a range of options out there, what are the benefits of going cordless? Well for starters, your ability to move around your home and get things clean is greatly enhanced by being cordless.

That lack of tethering means getting into all the nooks and crannies that your home has is greatly enhanced. And let’s face it – the modern home has plenty of these. Whether it be behind sofas, under tables, or down the side of other pieces of furniture, having that additional flexibility can be a real boon.

It is also easier to clean high traffic areas such as stairs. These typically do not have a plug particularly close by, so being cordless here can make these spaces clean and tidy in a much quicker time.

In fact, anywhere with no plug nearby is a doddle to clean with a cordless vacuum cleaner compared to a corded version. This includes your car, which can be a real faff to clean if you do not have the right tools to hand. And even areas like sheds, conservatories and porches can be easier to get spotless with a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Any more reasons to pick a cordless vacuum cleaner? They are lightweight and easy to move around with. The charging process uses less electricity typically than a corded version will use. They also have really good suction power, and are a great buy if you like to do lots of little cleaning tasks during your day-to-day, rather than setting aside some time to clean everything all in one go.

What are the drawbacks? You have to charge the lithium batteries that make these handy devices run every now and again. That’s about it.

Why choose a corded vacuum cleaner?

Corded vacuum cleaners are the more traditional approach taken to cleaning your home. They are the tried and trusted method, and many people prefer this.

Corded vacuum cleaners have typically had superior suction power. However, technological developments in cordless vacuum cleaners have helped close the gap significantly here. But if you have deep carpets or rugs in your home, or you want to vacuum your upholstery or curtains, you may want to opt for a corded vacuum cleaner just to be on the safe side.

Corded vacuum cleaners are also a good option in large homes where cleaning tasks may take quite a long time – more than the full charge of a cordless vacuum. This is only really the case in certain extreme circumstances however.

And if you are a proud pet owner, a dedicated pet vacuum cleaner can really help to shift the fur and fluff that your four-legged friends leave behind them.

Making your choice

Whatever your gut is telling you about the type of vacuum cleaner to choose, Vytronix has an excellent collection from which to select.

We have a dedicated cordless section that contains a really strong variety of cordless vacuum cleaners at low prices.

Vytronix also have superb new corded vacuum cleaners, including bagged and bagless vacuum cleaner options, as well as pet vacuum models specifically designed for pet owners. 

Our range includes cylinder vacuums, stick vacuums and carpet cleaners, so be sure to browse through all we have offer here at Vytronix.

Take a look at our delivery options too, and if you have any questions, just contact the Vytronix team.