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Germ-free Household Tips

It is easy to go through our lives looking at things in a certain way. But we can sometimes only see things on a certain level, and miss the bigger picture.

For example, you might think of your home and take pride in how tidy, organised and clean it looks.

But there is a chance that while things on the surface may look absolutely perfect, there’s a more sinister story going on that’s not visible to the naked eye.

Households are hotbeds of germ and bacterial activity. These pesky, microscopic visitors can easily and quickly accumulate on a host of surfaces.

This is likely the case in any household, but certainly there are homes more susceptible to such pests than others.

For example, busy family homes with plenty of comings and goings can easily see new unwanted germs being brought indoors. With so many places visited by various members of the family, including workplaces, schools, and other public locations potentially, the typical family home is likely to build up a sizable number of germs over time. 

Pet owners are also at risk of their furry friends bringing germs into the home. While we love our pets dearly, we don’t love the germs that they can introduce into our domestic spaces.

In honesty, we are always bringing germs and bacteria into our home, and it’s not something we can truly and fully avoid. But what we can do as homeowners is limit the number of potentially harmful and dangerous germs to as few as possible.

What is the best way to do this? Tackle the germs head on as powerfully and as frequently as is reasonable.

At Vytronix, we have a selection of products that can be used by homeowners to tackle the germ invasion and keep themselves and their families safe within the four walls.


What Steam Cleaning tools are there for tackling germs?

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In order to stay on top of the germ situation in different parts of the home, it’s important to have a suitable range of items that can be of use.

At Vytronix, we have an excellent selection of products that offer the chance for you to launch a multi-pronged attack on germs in your home.

Let’s start with our steam cleaning range. Steam cleaning sees hot steam pumped onto surfaces to help sanitise and clean them. This technique can be really powerful when tackling stubborn areas of the home or any nooks and crannies that might miss out during other cleaning efforts. This way, more and more germs can be effectively removed and got rid of. 

Steam cleaning doesn’t involve chemicals, and the steam is also quick to evaporate. This means no lingering wet surfaces in spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. 

Steam cleaning is great for hard surfaces like stone or tiled floors, as well as work surfaces in kitchens and various parts of a bathroom. But steam cleaning can also be used on upholstery, carpets and curtains too.

A white and blue Vytronix DSM Steam Mop

Take a look through Vytronix’s range of steam cleaners and steam mops and get the upper hand over germs sooner rather than later.

Regular vacuum cleaning is a great step in the battle to keep germs away from your carpets and other parts of the home. Powerful suction can displace these unwanted visitors and create a healthier home for you to live in. 

Other Vytronix Cleaning Appliances

Vytronix can help here, with a broad selection of powerful vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaners for you to use to keep those germs at bay. You can choose cordless vacuum cleaners for extra flexibility too when roaming the house in search of dust, dirt, and of course germs.

And for an extra deep clean, why not give this Vytronix Carpet Fresh Classic carpet washer shampoo a try? This provides a deep clean for carpets and upholstery, can get rid of unwanted odours, and is a powerful weapon in the battle to get a germ-free home.

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Arm yourself against germs with products from Vytronix and create the happy and healthy home you want. 

Be sure to take a look through our full range and don’t forget to check our delivery information too. 

And if you have any questions, simply get in touch with the Vytronix team.

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