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How to clean a HEPA Filter

Whenever we start to clean our home using our trusty vacuum cleaner, the aim is to get rid of as much dust, debris and unwanted stuff as possible.

One issue is that what we can visibly see being cleaned up is not necessarily telling the full story. Sometimes our vacuuming processes can leave behind things in the air that can have a detrimental effect over time. 

A great way to counter this is with a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter included. 

What is a HEPA filter? HEPA stands for ‘high-efficiency particulate air’, and is a type of mechanical air filter that traps harmful particles. It works by catching these airborne particles in a very fine mesh, and can prevent particles like pollen, dust mites and tobacco smoke staying in the atmosphere.

In order to be classified as reaching HEPA standards, the filter needs to be able to remove 99.97 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns in size. That means that these filters can catch all those larger particles and really do not take any prisoners when it comes to purifying the quality of the air they deal with.

The HEPA filtration process is highly effective, but the filters need to be maintained and looked after in order to trap 99.97 percent of particles as mentioned. This means from time to time, it’s necessary to wash a vacuum cleaner and benefit from HEPA capabilities. 

Many of Vytronix’s range of high-quality vacuum cleaners come with HEPA air filters. So to help our customers maintain their product and keep it working as efficiently and effectively as possible, we’ve put together this blog. Read on and find out the best ways to clean a HEPA filter and ensure the indoor air quality in your home is as good as it can be.


Can you wash your HEPA Filter?


If you fear that your HEPA filter isn’t operating as it could or should be, then that’s when you will start considering your options and look into how to approach washing it. It might be how you found yourself on this page in the first place.

But one very important thing to mention here is that not all HEPA filters are washable. The best way to determine whether your HEPA filter is washable is by checking the smallprint and literature that comes with your vacuum cleaner. If it is not labelled as washable or permanent, then the filter should not be washed. If you do look to wash a filter labelled as such, the chances are you will do significant damage to it.

However if you have a HEPA filter that is washable, then cleaning it can really help enhance the effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner.


How to wash your HEPA Filter 


To access your HEPA filter, you need to access it and this can be tricky to do. There’s a risk of accidentally spilling dust and contents of your vacuum cleaner, so it can be a good idea to do this kind of task outside.

First things first - be sure to not have your vacuum cleaner connected to the mains throughout this process. It might seem obvious but better safe than sorry!

Wherever you choose to do it, the aim is to remove the HEPA filter from the rest of the appliance safely. They are often within a canister or beneath a panel, so take care here and make note of how to get your HEPA filter out.

Once you have the filter, the best thing to do is rinse it with water. Don’t blast the filter however! Apply gentle pressure with the water stream and rinse the filter through.

A lot of dust particles and general dirt can build up, so take your time and look to gently clean the filter, running water through until the stream turns clear. 

You can also scrub the filter gently with a scrub brush, to make sure any stubborn or difficult muck is also got rid of.

It’s then a case of starting the drying process. Make sure you let the filter dry fully and wipe off any residual moisture thoroughly before using it. 

Once happy that the filter is suitably dry, you can put it back into your vacuum cleaner and start cleaning once again.


Improving your air quality generally

HEPA filters are all about enhancing the quality of the air you breathe within your home. But there are steps you can take to make the quality of this air better and not rely squarely on an appliance with a HEPA filter to help.

For example, letting fresh air into the home when the weather is good can help keep airpaths fresh. Think of this as natural air purifying!

Also cleaning your home regularly prevents build up of negative elements in the air. So if you’re vigilant and use your HEPA filtered appliance frequently, the general levels of air quality in your home will only go up. 

Additionally, look to cut down on anything that will bring unwanted pollutants to the air in your home. If you live near a source of bad air quality, be careful with how often you open your windows for example. Similarly, smoking is a really bad contributor to bad air quality. So if you live with a smoker, ask them to do so outside in order to keep the air quality of your home that bit better.


Enhance your cleaning capabilities with Vytronix

Vytronix has a vast range of vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters that can enhance the air quality of your home, while also enabling you to get your home into fantastic shape.

We offer bagless pet vacuums and pet cylinder vacuums with high capacities, as well as bagless upright vacuum cleaners in our range that are highly mobile and versatile. This enables users to tackle a range of surfaces and effectively keep their homes clean, tidy and with a great air quality. 

If you have a damaged or difficult HEPA filter, Vytronix can help thanks to our selection of replacement offerings. We stock reusable washable HEPA filters to fit a range of our products, so be sure to browse through our product spares list if you require a replacement.

Vytronix has a brilliant range, so be sure to take a look through all we have to offer. Take a look also through our delivery information and payments.

And if you have any questions, be sure to contact the Vytronix team

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