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How to keep a clean home with pets

A delicate balance has to be struck when it comes to maintaining a clean home as a pet owner.

We love our pets and want to spend as much time as possible with them. But this comes at a price – specifically the fur, hair, dust and dirt that pets can leave behind in our homes.

Finding a solution is therefore a priority for anybody struggling to strike this balance.

We are going to take it as read that your pets are trained enough to conduct their toilet time outside your home or in a litter tray! This blog will instead look at things like limiting hair shedding and how to get rid of hair and fur that does make it onto the surface of your home.

Limiting the effect of pets on the home

In most circumstances, the pets that cause issues around shedding hair in the home are dogs and cats. You might have a house rabbit, but the same advice applies for them!

Regularly brushing your pet is a great way to remove any loose hair they may be carrying. This process helps collect hair before it falls out somewhere else and makes a mess. This is an excellent way to prevent shed hair becoming a real problem in your home.

If you are finding that animal hair is becoming a real issue, take a look at what your pet is eating. If the food your dog or cat eats is not of the best quality, this could be having a negative on their coat and seeing them shed more frequently. This means a change of diet could have a radical effect on the situation and save you a real headache.

It is also worth checking with a vet to see if your pet is scratching more frequently because they are having trouble with fleas or lice. If they are, then their attempts to find relief could well end up with more hair finding its way onto surfaces throughout your home.

By reviewing these elements of pet ownership and taking some positive steps, it is certainly possible to reduce the amount of pet hair that finds its way onto your home’s surfaces. And for the hair that does make it that far, animal vacuum cleaners can help get things sorted.

Pet vacuum cleaners are a godsend when it comes to shifting pet hair and fur around a home. With special designs to suck up and dispose of pet hair effectively, a pet hair vacuum can transform your battle against build ups.

Many pet vacuums come with High Efficiency Particulate Air-Filter technology, also known as HEPA filters. These filters trap micro-sized particles and allergens, which has the added benefit of making life easier for any allergy sufferers in your home.

These items typically come with a variety of attachments to help get into every nook and cranny of the home and shift pet hair.

For any home owner struggling with this issue, there is no doubt a pet vacuum is a solid investment.