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Our top spring cleaning picks for 2021

There are many reasons to be cheerful at this time of year. You might well have noticed that there is light in the sky later into the evening, and that the temperatures are on the rise. Some of you may have started to see some new flowers and plants starting to emerge in your gardens.

This all means that the spring time is coming. At Vytronix, our thoughts therefore turn to spring cleaning and helping our customers secure everything they need to tidy their homes from top to bottom.

Our range of home cleaning products can provide the perfect quality and efficiency to deliver what you need as a homeowner.

In our latest blog, we have picked out 5 top products for spring cleaning in 2021. Take a look and see if there is a positive addition you can make to your home and get it sparkling clean in no time.

P800CW Upright Carpet Cleaner 800W Powerful Washer Shampooer

Vytronix upright carpet cleaner 800W

The carpets of our homes provide comfort and warmth. But they can also be a hotbed of dust, dirt and creepy crawlies. This means that having a suitable carpet cleaner available to you is a great way to keep your carpets looking their best.

We particularly recommend our Upright Carpet Cleaner with 800W of power. With washer and shampooing capabilities, this carpet cleaner is lightweight and simple to use, making it easy to manoeuvre around the home and get tasks done easily.

DSM13 10-in-1 1300W Multifunction Handheld & Upright Steam Cleaner Mop With Detergent Tank

Another effective way to really get deep into your home’s surfaces is with steam cleaners. These really penetrate into layers of dust and dirt and leave areas of your home looking exquisite in no time.

Steam cleaners are particularly effective on laminate floors and stone floors that have been properly sealed. They can leave such surfaces looking really good and help bring the best out of the room in which they sit.

We recommend the 10-in-1 1300W Multifunction Handheld & Upright Steam Cleaner Mop With Detergent Tank. This is easy to use and really tackle build ups of grime and general muck in the home, getting things pristine quickly.

T6RIO Compact Corded 3-in-1 Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A Vytronix compact corded handheld stick vacuum cleaner

When it comes to cleaning the home, sometimes all you need is a trusty vacuum cleaner. This can help you suck up all the dust and dirt your home has collected over the winter months.

We stock a wide variety of quality vacuum cleaners for you to buy for your spring-cleaning efforts. One of our most dynamic yet affordable option is this compact corded 3 in 1 handheld stick vacuum cleaner from Vytronix.

With a bagless design, large 0.8L capacity and a high-power motor, this is a really powerful and efficient product that can revolutionise your spring cleaning this year.

BPC800 Animal 3.5L Premium Bagged Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

A Vytronix pet cylinder vacuum cleaner

And finally, any pet owners will know how much fur, hair and muck our pets can bring into the home. As much as we love them, we want to get rid of these things sooner rather than later.

At Vytronix, we have a dedicated range of pet vacuum cleaners designed for owners to help shift those problematic build ups caused by our beloved pets.

We particularly like our Animal 3.5L Premium Bagged Pet Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, which is mobile, effective and a great buy for any pet owner this spring.

Shop with Vytronix this spring

These are just some of the many great items we have available for you to buy at Vytronix and take your spring cleaning to the next level.

Be sure to browse through our full range and find that perfect buy. Take a look too through our delivery options, and if you have any questions, simply get in touch with the Vytronix team.

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