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How does carpet washing work?

Our houses contain all kinds of things that contribute to that feeling of being at home. There are big things and little things, things we choose and things that we forget about. But everything that makes up our homes should be looked after in order to maintain a happy and healthy space for living in!

With this in mind, the carpets we have in our homes play a pretty important role in the creation of a cosy and welcoming space. But they also bear the brunt of our movements and pick up grime and other unwanted material.

For this reason, it is important to look after your carpets and give them a deep clean every once in a while. This is where a carpet washer can make a really big difference.

But when we say the term carpet washing, this might be a little confusing. The word washing brings a natural link with wetness. But this jars with the thought of our carpets, which we want to keep dry and avoid spilling things on!

So in our latest blog, we give you to lowdown on exactly what carpet washing and carpet cleaning involves. This should give you that base knowledge on how to wash carpets and help you maintain a brilliant carpet all year round.

Why wash your carpets?

A close up of a white and brown carpet

There a number of reasons to get your carpet washed and they are all applicable to pretty much everybody.

Firstly, because we walk across carpets in bare feet, socks or shoes, there is always a chance that little bits of dirt and debris can accumulate within your carpet’s surface. This can affect the cleanliness of your floors and take the shine and beauty off your carpet over time.

Your carpets are also a little microscopic universe of their own, and this means there are plenty of things contained within the fabrics and fibres that are not visible to the naked eye. One such microscopic presence is allergens. These can be really problematic for anybody suffering with allergies and cause sniffles. Cleaning carpets can help shift build ups of allergens to allow you to breathe that bit easier.

And as horrible as it might seem, there is also a likelihood that bugs and creepy crawlies could be living deep within your carpets. The thought of these things wriggling around should be enough to see you set about cleaning your carpets!

How does carpet washing work?

An upright carpet cleaner with representations of the things that can be cleaned

The logistics of cleaning your carpet involves an intricate process that, thankfully, modern home appliances make very easy.

There are three main factors at play when a carpet cleaner gets going. The first is a cleaning solution which mixes into the carpet’s fibres. Scrubbing brushes then get to work to help shift any unwanted elements. These interact closely with the carpet’s surface and really help disrupt and dislodge that which could be lingering there.

The third component of a carpet cleaner is powerful suction technology that helps lift out all that gunk and leave your carpet looking fantastic afterwards.

You might be worried about your carpet being wet, and this is something you will have to consider when you carry out a carpet cleaning job. The solution will require some time to dry off, but with a good carpet cleaner it should only take a few hours to be dry perfectly. This means that if you do your carpet cleaning before going out for the day, then by the time you get home, it should be fine to walk on and enjoy as usual!

What’s the best way to wash a carpet?

An upright carpet cleaner product from Vytronix

We recommend using a dedicated carpet cleaner or carpet washer, and using this for those deep cleans of your carpets and rugs.

At Vytronix, we have a host of options for products of this type. We stock the Vytronix upright carpet cleaner, which comes with a powerful 800W motor and static brush bar containing 5 rows of deep penetrating bristles. This helps get deep into the pores of your carpet and leave it looking so much better.

We also stock 4-in-1 Multifunction Carpet Washer, Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner & Blower. These powerful home appliances are able cope with both wet and dry pick up, meaning spillages on rugs and carpets can be tackled as well as general deep level carpet cleaning. This is a really convenient bit of kit and something that would be well suited to any heavily carpeted home.

For lighter cleaning tasks around the home, we of course recommend vacuum cleaners. These can certainly shift a lot of what lies on the floors of your home. But for that deeper penetration, a carpet washer is a great idea.

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We hope this has been a useful read and really allowed you to understand how a carpet can be deep cleaned.

The Vytronix range contains a number of useful products for maintaining a beautiful home, so be sure to browse through our carpet cleaners, as well as our steam cleaners. We also have many home and kitchen products, as well as garden and outdoors items.

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