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Tips on keeping the house warm this winter

Staying positive can be a challenging thing a lot of the time – and let’s face it, this year has given us plenty to not be positive about!  

Many people also find this time of year to be difficult, with the clocks going back, the days getting shorter and the temperatures starting to drop. 

Finding ways to keep a smile on your face is therefore somewhat difficult, but it is certainly not impossible.  

One way to cope with the changing of the seasons and the challenges we face is creating a pleasant and homely domestic space that we like to hunker down in. 

To help achieve this, keeping your home warm, cosy and clean is a great way to start.  

In the latest Vytronix blog, we have picked out some of the best ways for you to do this over the winter. Take a look at our guide on how to avoid some common pitfalls and how to maintain a warm home! 

Draught blockers  

common ways cold air can be unpleasant in the home is when a draught is at play. These can come from things such as gaps beneath doors, or windows that are not as well-insulated as you would ideally like them to be. 

Draught blockers are a great way to counter this problem. Not only do they serve a practical purpose, but they can also be remarkably pleasant on the eye and fit in with the overall look you want to create in your home. 

Another cause of draughts are things like cat flaps. However, there are ways to insulate your cat flap, while manufacturers are also putting more and more effort into preventing draughts entering your home via the same door your feline friends use. If your cat flap is guilty of being the cause of a draught, it might be worth upgrading! 

Thicker curtains 

There are a number of ways heat escapes from a warm room, with windows being a major culprit. This is why double glazing has become the norm, but even this is not always perfect. 

One great way to add an extra layer of insulation is through your curtains. Now obviously you don’t want to have your curtains shut all day long – well, maybe you do. But when darkness descends, having curtains that help keep heat in your home can make for a more pleasant domestic environment. 

So be sure to check your curtains and see if they are thick and insulating, or if they may be too thin and not doing very much to keep heat in. If the latter is the case, then it might be worth upgrading them. 

Rearrange your furniture 

Radiators are the best source of heat going in the average home. But all too often, we prioritise a room’s layout over the benefits of heating. 

This means that in homes up and down the country, there are sofas, wardrobes, dressers and other items of furniture blocking heat from radiators. This prevents heat getting out into the wider room, meaning they do not benefit fully from the benefits of radiator warmth and can stop you feeling truly comfortable. 

By rearranging your room layout and allowing your radiators to ‘breathe’, it becomes much easier to heat your homes. And you can also enjoy a different way of experiencing the rooms you live in as well. 

Keep doors closed

It might be counter to your intuition of creating an open, flowing home environment, but keeping doors closed can prevent cold air spreading around the place. 

By choosing to shut doors, you can limit the effectiveness of draughts, and keep warm air contained within a space for longer. 

This is particularly advantageous when you only use certain rooms for significant chunks of the day, such as the living room in the evenings, the home office during the day, or the bedroom at night. 

Commit to creating a positive domestic environment  

One of the biggest ways to make a change in this area is committing to doing so. All too often, people take a casual or half-hearted approach to home improvement. But by committing fully to making changes for the better, you already give yourself a better chance of success. 

So rather than sitting there wishing you were warmer all winter, putting on an extra layer of clothing or getting another hot water bottle sorted, make some changes to your home and do something positive that can have a long-term effect. 

And while you’re in the home improvement spirit, don’t forget that Vytronix has a host of excellent products that can help you keep a clean and tidy home, as well as a warm one. 

Be sure to take a look through our vacuum cleanerscarpet cleaners and home appliances, and find a great buy today. 

We hope you have found this blog to be useful. If you are interested in buying from Vytronix, or have questions for our team, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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