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Why cleaning your carpet frequently is essential

As you sit in the comfort of your home, you naturally want to be as relaxed and at ease as possible. The home is where you can escape the outside world and unwind.

But whether you like it or not, each home up and down the country has some visitors and residents that you might not be aware of. And they’re not the nicest things to think about.

As Vytronix’s mission is to help make it as easy as possible to make your home as clean and tidy as possible, we wanted to shed some light on what might be lingering in the dark corners of your carpets, living in your home without you realising.


What lies beneath…

You might look at your carpets and think ‘why should I clean my carpet? It looks fine to me.’ But without regular cleaning, your carpets can become a hotbed of unwanted materials.

Perhaps the most alarming is bugs. Creepy crawlies are nobody’s favourite thing, and the thought of them living in your home alongside you can be pretty stomach churning.

Bugs, mites and fleas can set up a home of their own in your carpets and happily live there without you realising.

They might not be visible or make much noise, but these nasty neighbours can definitely prove problematic as they can be the source of allergies for you and your family.

Once these bugs have settled in, their molted skin and waste can really trigger allergies, and make being in your own home increasingly uncomfortable. Nobody wants to be sniffling and sneezing regularly when in their own house, so tackling these critters should be a definite consideration.


Many more reasons

Alarmingly, the creepy crawlies that could be living in your carpet are just one part of a whole unseen ecosystem. There’s lots of potential substances and materials that can thrive and linger in your carpets.

Much of the residue of your day-to-day life can build up in your carpets. If you’re a pet owner, pet hair is inevitably going to build up and reside in your carpets. Similarly, skin flakes can build up over time and add to the dirt located in your carpets.

Mold and bacteria are another likely but unwanted element of your carpets. These can be possibly harmful and have the potential to cause illness for anybody living there.

Another unpleasant element is the odours that can reside in your carpets. Without regular cleaning, all of the aforementioned substances can combine to create a grim and unwanted smell in your home that can be a nightmare to shift.

If any of the above sounds familiar, then a few carpet cleaning ideas wouldn’t go amiss. This is where Vytronix can help.


Get a powerful carpet cleaner

The best way to shift that unwanted carpet build up is with a powerful carpet cleaner. These can get deep within your carpets and shift long-standing dirt, getting your carpets clean and into a healthier state for you and your family to enjoy.

Vytronix has a selection of dedicated carpet cleaners that clean, wash and help dry your carpets. These products help penetrate further into your carpets and shift dirt, dust and other materials with ease.

We also have a host of cylinder vacuum cleaners, stick vacuum cleaners and cordless vacuum cleaners. These can act as your ideal carpet vacuum cleaners and remove the dust and dirt your carpets contain.

We also have a choice of steam cleaners, which can effectively tackle carpet build ups too. Be sure to browse through our full range of cheap carpet cleaning solutions at Vytronix, and help get the carpets of your home into the best condition possible.

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